Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Hurrah

We hit the beach one last time this summer before school starts tomorrow. My husband and his friend like to go to the beach on the north side of the city where you can still drive on the beach. It's an ordeal and a drive, nevermind that we live 5 or so miles from other beaches that you have to park and schlep. I don't need to camp out at the beach, but they like it. So does Blur. Today's visit brought us to the beach when the tide was coming in, so parking was limited. We ventured to a spot on the other side of the jetty as that was the only available place for our crowd. Four households converged, and we took up a chunk of real estate. As it turned out, being on that side of the jetty was great for Blur, especially since we forgot her life jacket. She could play within our eyesight and we didn't have to worry about her getting knocked around like she had previously. And like every place this little beauty goes, she made friends there.
Now, getting there is not a hurrah. It's more like an aw, hell. Devildog is good about loading up the Bronco with the stuff we need, but there is a lot of packing involved to have the luxury of grilling on the beach. Blur has moments that she fights with us to get IN the vehicle to go somewhere. Then there are times, she's tired of being in the car and she's had her fill. Tell her she's going to the beach, and she's willing to walk there if that's what it takes. The drive takes about 30 minutes, and about 15 minutes into it, she was asking to unbuckle. When we left, she was tired and cranky, and told her brother she wanted him to get out of the truck. She's a demanding little thing, isn't she?

It will be interesting when the kids are off at their first day of school, and how she handles it with all 3 of her siblings gone from the house all day.

side note: I went wandering my blogroll after posting this, and wouldn't you know it.. a few days ago, someone else said they went to the beach for a last hurrah before school started. I swear to you, I heard Hitchcock music for a second. That, and I really did NOT plagiarize. I mean, I have clearly neglected my blog for real life and that other vortex that shall not be named. So honestly, I didn't steal that phrase, and the beach idea was totally the gang of husbands' idea. I would've gladly sat at home clipping coupons or playing with my yarn.


Stephanie said...

Hahaha Devony's the same way about the beach. She throws a fit when it's time to leave, tryin to make people think we're kidnapping her! I would love to camp on the beach it's not allowed here :(

austalana said...

I always feel like I am moving any time we try to go do something like this!! Its so much fun with many kiddos. Glad you had fun but wth is a jetty?? lol

Feisty Irish Wench said...

A jetty is a line of giant boulders or rocks put in place to reduce erosion. The results of its intended purpose vary, with much disagreement between parties.

And Stephanie, this particular location does actually have campsites that you can rent, but by "camping out" there, I mean setting up the insta-tent, tables, grill(s) etc and then parking your self at the beach all day. It's not my idea of a good time. Mostly because I'm fair skinned and have 3 shades: pasty white, pink or red.