Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fiber funny

One of my yarn shop pals brought this to my attention. Not everyone understands the appeal of knitting and crocheting and what it does for people like me. Yes, it's just string and a hook or some pointy sticks. Yes, I could go pay $5 for some sweater that everybody else got from the big box super-retailer. But, I do enjoy taking a length of string and making it into something else. I'm trying to use up my current yarn stash to get rid of the cheap stuff I bought as a newb who didn't know better. I couldn't imagine paying $5 for a ball or skein of yarn, much less a sweater's worth of it at that price. Now - I get it. I understand the pull of nicer yarn, and want to upgrade my stash. So, I found myself involved with a blanket project group, and now have several squares crafted of acrylic yarn awaiting my next trip to the post office. It's a win-win, in that I deplete the stash and the yarn gets put to good use and blesses some other folks. Yes, I got the yarn with the intention of making things for specific people out of it. However, if in the time since 2005 when I figured out the crochet hook, and 2007 when someone helped me learn the knitting needles, I have not found the first end of those skeins and made those intended projects - it is time for the yarn to be elsewhere.
Which leads me to this: the nicer yarn is apparently addicting. Someone related the addiction to something non-knitters could probably understand a little better. So here you go, The Yarn/Drug Compendium.


Kristin said...

I don't knit, and I haven't crocheted in years. But I cross-stitch, and found my entire stash in a box when I was moving in here. I sadly handed the box to my brother-in-law to take to storage and told him I didn't have time for it. He very nicely said, "I'll put it at the front of your storage unit where you can reach it. You never know when you'll discover you have time again." *sigh* How do you find time to do your own hobby stuff?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for linking my blog post! I'm glad you liked it :-D

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Kristin, I have more than 2 kids who entertain (antagonize) each other. I also have the Blur who climbs up in my lap and likes to "hep" me with it.

Kate, you're welcome. A yarn shop buddy posted the link, and I had to share it. My friend, PreggoX3, was also amused and shared it.