Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Wet T-shirt contest

As I drove home from taking Clone to school, my travel path got gloomier and gloomier looking. The outer bands of Hurricane Irene were swiping the coast and bringing unpleasant weather. I got out of the mom-bus just in time for things to get really intense. I decided I needed to bring in the flag that Devildog posted on the fence since it was going to get ugly today. Well that got me, and my shirt doused with rain even more. The bottom edge of the flag pole gets hung up in the bracket because it's curling up a bit. Then the garage door didn't like the correct code and I had to re-enter it. Meanwhile I'm getting pummeled with rain and that garage door couldn't open fast enough. I got in the house and it looked like I got hosed down for a wet t-shirt contest that I didn't want to enter.
And it's supposed to rain like that again when I go back to get Clone from school. The rainy day dismissal should be realllllly interesting. We'll see if the new principal has changed that too.


Erin B said...

And was anyone around to enjoy the one-person wet t-shirt contest? I'm guess the folks in Texas would be so happy to see Hurricane Irene right about now. Hope you stay safe and drier than this morning :)

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Devildog was asleep since he ended up with Blur duty last night, and I don't guess my neighbors were looking out the window. Nor was I wearing a white t-shirt, thankfully.