Friday, January 1, 2010

Dreams of Rome

I have a friend who does yearly trips to Rome and she takes friends with her. I've known her almost 3 years and ever since she mentioned these trips, I've wanted to go. Rome has always been part of my bucket list. That and a bunch of other places with huge cathedrals and history. There was no way I could've gone this past year, even if the money was there for me to go. I was freshly planted and growing a human. That plane trip would have been difficult to say the least. Walking on land was a challenge for me. But she recently mentioned on Crackbook that she was going to Rome in 6 weeks, and had names for the 2011 trip already. I want to be on that list, to the point I can almost taste it. It's about $1500 and I have 12 months or less to get that money plus spending cash together, or I'll be on the 2012 trip. I'm thinking I could trade getting a laptop for that money being set aside for Roman travel. Yes, I'm *this* close to getting a laptop and I'm actually thinking about putting that money elsewhere. There is the pesky goal of buying a house that is in my face as well. We really need 2 bathrooms. Devildog is supportive of my desire to travel, which is helpful. I'm grateful for that because he knows Rome is on my list and travel was something I've always wanted to do. I'm also grateful he's not an insolent jerk that feels it's his duty to squash my dreams. We also want to visit his birthplace with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. We can do that almost anytime though. Rome requires planning, investment and this friend only goes once a year. This coming trip will also include another friend whose husband died recently. One of his dying wishes was for his wife to go to Rome. Some people pitched together and last I heard, they were sending her - expenses paid. While I don't expect that level of generosity, I certainly have my work cut out for me. The good dreams don't come cheap.

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