Friday, January 29, 2010

Cheese and wine - no H

I often tell the kids when they're being whiny that I have no cheese to go with their WHINE. It makes them roll their eyes and say it's a stupid old line and I shouldn't use it anymore. But it gives me reprieve of the whining.
I ran away from home for a while tonight. Why? Because sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. My friend Fran Pitre wrote a book about her experiences having 3 sets of fraternal twins, and there was a book signing party. I almost didn't go because it was from 5 to 8 and I was not moving fast thanks to some pulled back muscles. I really needed a shower, the children smelled the pork tenderloin in the crockpot and there needed to be something else to go with it. So I made some pan fried potatoes. Some things I just can't bring myself to leave to the teen boys yet. It was 7 by the time I finally left. The mini-human was asleep, but supposedly woke up right after I made my exit. She apparently has mommy-radar and knows when I'm more than ten feet outside the perimeter of the house. Nobody called me, so I was none the wiser, and enjoyed the company of friends.
Wine, fruit, cheese, crackers, cookies and a lot of conversation. I'm not generally a wine drinker, but I do have a couple favorites. I got to sip some wine, eat some cubes of cheese, and met some new friends. (And as I typed "cube of cheese" my ADD brain went immediately to "The Devil Wears Prada" ooh shiny! sorry...moving along).
In any case, Fran was talking about the potential plans for promoting the book. I have no concrete details so I'm not about to misinform anyone here. But I told her I'd do my part.
Twins X3 is available now for your perusal and purchase.
Our pastor read the book, and commented later about knowing details of his parishoner's body. Fran said he wrote a review of the book, so I'm now in search of that bit of text to see what he has to say about it.
And before you start whining, yes Mrs Amiot, you're next. ;)

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Smileyblueyes said...

I enjoyed meeting you on Friday night at the "whine and cheese" party. I also started reading Fran's book when I got home. I quickly read 4 chapters in the first sitting, and already I know I can relate. I love her fine tuned perspective and sense of humor. And as for you, crazy lady, I look forward to hearing more about what you see and think about life in general. I consider myself a feisty irish wench, although I never claimed that name to fame. In the day to day, it's all about faith, and perspective. But at home:
'Is folamh fuar e teach gan bean'.