Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday Loot

I have a load of awesome friends. I suppose it kind of makes up for a crummy childhood perhaps? Birthdays as a kid sucked about as much as an industrial strength shop vac. Then I grew up and expected my husband to have a different approach to my birthday than my parents had. That was erroneous of me. My sister suggested at the time that I lower my expectations. I responded with something along the lines of "*F* that! I'll just give MYSELF a good birthday." That was 11 years ago, and my birthdays don't suck anymore. I make a full week of it, or a weekend of it - depending on when my birthday falls during the week. Yes, I milk it as much as I can, and I don't hide my birthday. Of course the caveat to that as I get further into my 30s is that I reveal my age. I don't mind it but I've noticed I'm growing self-conscious about the number for some reason. But I love my birthday now, regardless of the number, and I especially love gifts.
I really wasn't expecting to be given so much for my birthday. It was better than Christmas for me lol. I'm breathing better for one thing. And for another I got a bunch of neat stuff.

I belong to the Ministry Of Mothers Sharing (MOMS) at church and we had a general meeting on my birthday. I was figuring someone would bring cake since I not so subtly hinted what day it was. But I was given my favorite shower gel from Bath & Body Works, and a pretty Yankee Candle tart warmer - plus cake.
My sister baked me a cake involving cocoa, hazelnut creamer, buttercream, and a bunch of yum. She did laundry and hung with the teenagers while I was gone to the meeting. She also gave me a big exercise ball like the one she loaned me when I was trying to get the baby to move closer to the exit.
My son's friend gave me a cupcake from Publix - which anyone in the southeast knows Publix bakery is awesome.
The friend that taught me to knit, sent a care package. It arrived from the upper Midwest on my rain-drenched birthday, just as she'd hoped it would. She's trying to destash yarn. So am I, but the big projects in my queue don't have enough of the appropriate yarn in my stash, and I need to avoid buying yarn. Yarn money and space in general are lacking here. But I have enough yarn now to finish a couple of the big projects I have on my list. In that loot was 3 hanks of wool yarn she's allergic to and can't even touch. She sent the rest of what will be the baby's christening outfit, a knitted drawstring bag (in her attempt to destash lol), some table food feeders and some Whoppers candy. She sent those because the Dirty Santa exchange at the holiday party resulted in me coming home with a double feature chick flick dvd, accompanied by some stale candy. The card she sent made me laugh. The front had a cartoon woman doing those "finger quotes" and it said 'Happy "29th" Birthday'. Inside it said 'From your "110" pound friend'. I laughed, opened the gift, and cracked up even more. Not only were they fresh Whoppers, it was a bigger box than the original.
I'm going to the Midnight Knit In (crochet too) as part of my birthday weekend. I don't get a chance to visit the yarn shop all that often, but I make a point to do the Midnight events if I can.
I also will be making use of those birthday freebies I registered for with Moe's and Sticky Fingers. Burrito and ribs make a birthday yummy. So do three different varieties of cake. And friends who are awesome - even the ones I play tag with so much lately. I much prefer my friend-filled birthday now than those as a kid.


Kristin said...

That is quite some birthday swag!! It looks like you had a lovely birthday. :-)

And yes, in definite agreement with the Publix bakery statement. Mmm.....

Jackie said...

Wonderful birthday goodies!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I think it might be one of the biggest loads of birthday loot I've gotten ever.
And I'm really hoping Persnickety can make it to the yarn shop tonight...I miss her and we can never seem to catch up at all anymore.