Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to use an alarm clock

Clone was up early Wednesday, even after going to bed late on Tuesday evening. Later in the evening, we were driving to the yarn shop and she said getting up early was nice. I asked if Beast woke her and she said no, nor did his bumbling around the house wake her either.
"Well how did you get up so early?"
"um, well, I went to itch my head and I ended up pulling the lamp and that made my Dora alarm clock come crashing down on my head"

I laughed at this, immediately apologizing because she hates when someone laughs at her. At least she didn't shriek at me this time.

And here I've been all along, spending extra time setting my alarm clock so that it makes this obnoxious noise at me.


Kristin said...

You want alarm atrocity? Jere has a mosque alarm that screams out the Islamic call to prayer. And I mean SCREAMS it out. I have a heart attack every morning, and have been known to throw it across the room. He was so worried I'd kill it that he bought more while he was over there this time. *sigh*

And don't you know you're only supposed to laugh on the inside? ;-)

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Oh good grief! Why would your husband think a mosque alarm was a good idea? Does he sleep THAT soundly?