Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I ought to be doing

I'm sitting here in the quiet of my house, Howard Miller clock chiming the quarter hour, listening to the rain. I should be sleeping, but I'm playing online. I could at least be knitting to finish up that fuzzy turquoise wrap, or crocheting the last of that market bag - both started in the summer of 2008. In my defense, they got set aside while I worked on a neverending baby towel for my friend Heather. I did use up some green varigated cotton yarn I disliked but got because it was on clearance for $2 for that huge skein. It was originally like $8. But ALL that yarn for the same price as a little ball you could get a only potholder from? oooohhhh...yarn bargain! Ya, I'm more selective now. In any case, I destashed yarn I didn't like on a project I wouldn't dare repeat the same way, if ever again. The recipient is Heather's daughter and the little girl LOVES it. If only Devildog's Aunt Donna had taught me continental knitting while I was working on that thing...I threw every single one of those stitches. I may have shaved a few months off that project too. It took me a year because it hibernated during the green-and-freshly-planted phase of growing a human. Then I was too tired and miserable most days to do much after work. Plus it was just to blazing hot in this house to touch yarn. But I got it done just shy of the one year mark. This is why I don't start more than one project at a time. I work slowly, sporadically and it takes forever to finish something. Meanwhile my project list grows lol. But I suppose I will back away from the keyboard a while and do something that is actually PRODUCTIVE instead for a little while, even if it's a mere 15 minutes.

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