Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sippy cup rant

I just have to vent and maybe someone in a marketing department will do a search for sippy cup and my blog post will appear in their findings.


I don't want valves and mechanisms that prevent the liquid from spilling. There is a time and place in this world for such inventions, just not when I am teaching my baby to drink from a cup. On the other hand, the only other non-spill-proof models I've found have an air hole in the top which allows physics to work as it should and the entire contents of the cup flow freely out of it. All three older kids had a Tommee Tippee cup that had two handles and a weighted bottom and slanted spout in the twist on lid. They were very readily available in the mid-90s for the boys, and it was a miracle that I even found one by the time Clone arrived in the early 2000s. I thought I was done having babies (God keeps laughing at me), so I gave away that prized sippy cup. Now with Miss Must-Be-Upright, they're NON-EXISTENT! I've been looking on ebay, amazon, etc to find one and haven't started scouring the second-hand stores yet to find just one. I can't even find a picture of it online. And no, I don't want one that is so vintage, I'm hesitant to give it to my child. I'm one of those weirdo parents that insist on teaching their baby to drink from a cup with the added lesson of cause-effect-consequence. As in, tipping the cup causes the liquid to move out of it, and that effect in excess causes the consequence of junior getting to clean up their mess. I've done similar things with nursing. Fall asleep or play at your workstation and it is removed. Yes, she's nearing 5 months old and maybe it is early to start this stuff by some standards. Honestly, those opinions can fall by the wayside and I'm going to do what is tried and true for my household. If the baby is grabbing for my cup and trying to drink from it, I give the baby a drinking test. Using a small regular plastic cup and a small amount of water, I see how the baby handles drinking from it. So far the attempts are going well and she's actually swallowing water as often as it it's dribbling down her chin.
I do have some other options in this adventure of cup-training that I didn't want to have to use. I may explore those ideas while I continue my search for this dinosauric contraption.

And just so you know, I am absolutely biting my keys on the rest of my rant involving parental choices and manufacturers' responses to those choices. I may be a slacker mom, but there are some things my kids have learned that their peers should have been taught.


Jackie Sawyer said...

All you have to do is take out the valve and you'll have a spillable sippy cup. (?)

Feisty Irish Wench said...

That's not what I'm looking for either. Almost all of those with valves removed would end up leaving a slosh of liquid in the bottom. I don't want a completely spillable cup either. I may as well give her an open top for that. The one I need has two handles and a weighted bottom too. I can't grumble further or I'll end up typing what I bit my keys about in the first place.

Kristin said...

Just don't teach her to make her own sandwich yet. Interesting things happen when your kids are sandwich self-sufficient.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Kristin, you should know I'm already verrrry familiar with that territory.

Karen said...

I remember Tommy Tippee...from back in the 70's and 80's when my sibs were younger. Those would probably be full of deadly lead paint or toxic plastic... Good luck in your search!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Actually Karen, my 3 older kids had a Tommee Tippee cup that was made in the 90s. So I would hope it didn't have lead in it, but I don't know what was in the weight at the bottom of the cup. On the other hand, it probably wasn't BPA free lol