Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cool Stuff

So, this afternoon, there was a break in the crummy weather, Devildog rode the motorcycle up to McDonald's to get some sweet tea, and enjoy a ride. I decided to pluck the chicken feathers off my wings and stuff the rest of them into a jacket and get on the bike while he had it out of the garage. Initially, we just rode around the neighborhood together. The lesson? Get a bigger seat, or a sissy bar to keep my tush from sliding off the back. When we got back, I took it all back to the baby steps from class. I have some adjusting to do to get accustomed to this bike. I did actually ride with my feet off the ground, and even got up to 2nd gear. All told it was only about 45 minutes but every bit of progress is progress forward. I am so glad I finally got on the bike. I was afraid I'd lose my nerve if I didn't get on a motorcycle soon.

But the really cool part of the day? A couple weeks ago, Staci over at VeryPink.com posted yet another awesome video tutorial. This one is a Log Cabin Scrap Blanket. I was watching it and Clone was next to me. She was really excited and enthralled with Staci's video, and started drawing a picture of it. I mentioned it in the comments and Staci asked me to send it to her. So I finally got around to doing that this morning, and Staci posted it on her blog. The comments and feedback have been awesome. My baby girl has artwork on the internet. This makes a mama's heart swell with pride.

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