Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've been quite busy and when I get home, I just want downtime and I don't want to have to think or do. It's royally catching up to me and it's creating chaos for me. I'm also not getting enough sleep. So, as a result, my usual verbosity is not making its appearance here.
This broad is going to bed in about 2.8 seconds...well 129.9 because I have to click a couple things for you to see it, and then get my tush out of the chair and set up the coffee pot for the morning (or there will be even MORE chaos for me)


stephanie said...

so happy to see your comment just now! been a while...hope all is well

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I'm just busy with my job as a merchandiser that takes me all over the city (lots of miles on the mom-bus) and 4 kids, and a student-husband, and now a teen with a job, and 2 middle kids in activities (many more miles on the mom-bus). I feel like I'm more acquainted with the driver seat of my van than I am with any part of my house that isn't my bed.

Then there's the Crackbook thing and that's a vortex. So, something has to go by the wayside, and I already shirk my sleep, so blogging and blog-hopping took an axe.