Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hackles and Chickens

My grandma Mac was one of many in the family with a 6th sense. My siblings and I have some form of it, and there have been many times it made an appearance in our lives. My dad told me a few times how his mom would say "Something's gonna get to the chickens", and a couple days later, the remnants of a fox's lunch would be discovered.
This past week has been a series of otherwise innocuous events, but when you add them up, something's rotten in Denmark. My hackles are up, and I don't like being one of the chickens either. In the last week, we've had no fewer than THREE different solicitors for alarm companies at our door, wanting our business. Saturday, I saw the electric company technician slow and park next door. He then knocked on the door across the street, and waited for an answer. Lather, rinse, repeat a couple times. Then he went to the hose and it looked like he took a drink from the hose. Odd, and I'm sure against the company policies. I was trying to use my camera zoom to get a truck number in case it was needed. Then in the middle of that, two young guys pull up in a black Ford Focus and the passenger takes a picture of my house. I tried to get a picture of them, but my angle and timing missed their faces and the tag number. Then tonight, the doorbell rings and my oldest child answered the door without looking through the peephole, asking who it was, or just plain old ignoring the door. To top it off, the person asked if the parents were home and my son answered with "no". The urge to smack him (and then some) came to mind.
So all these scenarios keep playing in my head, and these are the kinds of things that I've had playing in my head for many years. One of them involves me telling an intruder to bleed on a non-carpeted floor because I am not trying to replace carpet.
And yes, we've told the children not to answer the door to anyone they don't know. While the new house is in a nicer neighborhood, it's not a secure compound either. It just all makes me suspicious of a lot of people and things and I don't like that feeling.


Kristin said...

I had that happen a couple months ago, where I knew something was wrong when I came home from the store with Sam. I left Sam in the car, and when I walked in, my alarm was going crazy. We went to the neighbor's and called Jere. Turned out it was just a faulty sensor, but I'm still suspicious.

And on that note, an Iraq veteran was shot dead a couple miles from my house this week by an old man who was angry at some kids skateboarding. I can't wait to get out of this city.

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Keep your guard up!! Maybe since you've sensed it, and talked (blogged) about it, that'll satisfy the powers that be & you'll be spared from an intrusion. Fingers crossed for you!! I hate those feelings, I mean I appreciate the forewarning, but its still creepy.

Jocelyn said...

That's not a good welcoming feeling in your new house!

You should be able to contact your police agency to talk to someone about the situation. They may ease your mind with an extra patrol drive by or something.

You should always feel comfortable calling a utility company and reporting what you saw. They (as employers and service providers) do like to hear from you.

You're doing a great job keeping your eyes open! Good luck!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I should clarify my late night post a bit. I talked to the neighbor and she said she complained about her water smelling like sulfur and rotten eggs. I told her to have her water heater checked. When we first got here, we had the same issue and the sacrificial anode rod needed to be replaced and the lines bleached. I gave her the number to a plumber we know.
And the police here are hit or miss with getting one that gives a crap. I've had one actually say to me "whatever. I get paid by the hour."

The upside to this would be meeting 2 more neighbors. I don't have to be friends with them, but it is helpful to at least know their names.

Jackie said...

Trust your instincts!