Monday, May 24, 2010

An attempt at DE-stressing

I realized earlier this week that I have not been knitting in, well a while because I think it was the last midnight knit in at my LYS (local yarn shop) that I attended. And even then, because Mini-Human was demanding much of my attention, and I was distracted untangling someone's yarn for them, and talking to Persnickety, and tending the baby, and deciding on a sweater pattern (AGAIN, after someone sold the yarn I was going to buy from them to make a different pattern that others went through some effort to get me), and playing with the yarn winder (want one of those for as many times I frog projects), and stuffing my face - I didn't really do any knitting. Well since knitting helps me alleviate stress, my lack of knitting may be contributing to it since I'm not doing anything to unstress myself. I was bored with the 3 mundane projects already started. I was waiting to cast on the sweater till I got my KnitPicks interchangeables. I have a set of Boye interchangeables and decided that since I like knitting and enjoy it more than crocheting, I was going to invest in a nicer set of interchangeables. I used part of the tax return to indulge my craft with good tools. It was time to start that sweater.
So, I stopped at the yarn shop Friday so a friend could meet the yarny folks after I gave her a preliminary lesson of a knit-on cast on. Once there, she decided a private lesson would be wise. I also took Clone who didn't knit anything and Mini-Human who got a hold of 3 balls of Cascade that I quickly saved from her fast fingers, and wound two skeins of my sweater yarn into nice flat cakes so I could do two sleeves at once on my new tools. I was spending so much time rewinding yarn, I once again, knit nothing.
Mini-Human is changing her sleep pattern, and I'm hoping to get longer snippets of time to knit again. Last night I swatched, this afternoon I cast on.
Let me just say that simply swatching for this sweater and the initial casting on for sleeves has been enjoyable, and so far I'm really liking my KnitPicks Harmonies. Plus they're pretty. And the cable is flexible. I'm trying to get my brain to wrap around this 2 at a time idea but it's fighting with me. I can't find my stitch markers so I can designate a color to each sleeve and keep track on paper. Not only am I moving on from squares and rectangles and into a sweater, but I'm modifying the pattern. This requires math, and me to write down what I am doing with each row and sleeve. I did say I was ATTEMPTING to de-stress. I pray this sweater does not add to it.


Kristin said...

My dear, I don't understand a thing you just said LOL.

Jackie's Stitches said...

You'll be fine! Glad you've picked up the needles again.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Sorry Kristin, I suppose I shouldn't post really late at night.
KnitPicks is a yarn crafter's supply site with pretty knitting needles
Cascade is a nicer brand of yarn than you'd probably ever find in the big box stores.
Boye is a brand of knitting needles and crochet hooks that you CAN however find in those big box stores. They're fine, but I have begun to move on from them. Equate it to going from Taster's Choice to your beloved Starbucks ;)
Swatching is knitting a small piece of work using the yarn and needles to see how the stitches place themselves to get gauge (how many stitches & rows per inch according to how the pattern is written).
I'm guessing it's all still Greek to you though ;)

Kristin said...

LOL you have to understand. I love math, therefore I cross stitch. I also do it because it really requires no hand/eye coordination whatsoever. I tried to learn to knit once. It wasn't pretty.

Then again, I think I may have been shnockered on boxed wine during my lesson...

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Kristin, you must stay away from the wine when learning a new skill. I'd say try again when sober, but you'd need the left hand to hold Winston, and the right hand to type.