Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And the adventure begins....

After my last post, I went to bed, woke up a few hours later and called the hospital to make sure they were available for the induction and some freak force hadn't sent 30 other women to the hospital in the throes of labor. All systems were go, and I was on my way to evict a baby. I am just going to post a "reader's digest" version for now, other details may appear later as time permits.
I got to the hospital, was put into a room, with one of those *lovely* gowns that are too big for me, even that pregnant. Can we raid pediatrics for a gown more my size?
The doctor broke my water at 8, pitocin was started at 9 after several attempts to get the darn IV to not pinch me. I finally asked that it be redone because there was no "unpinching" of the first.
By 11 I was not having a party by any means.
By 12 I was a sniveling baby.
By 12:30 I was fighting the contractions and whining about an epidural.
At 12:50 I asked for the epidural.
The nurse called the anesthesiologist, stepped into the hallway for the epidural cart and brought it in, turned around to do something w/ the monitor and
At 12:51 I had to push - no time for epidural now because the baby exit was completely ready for the baby to leave the nest.
At 12:56 the baby was out - yelling that she was cold and did not appreciate having landed on the end of the bed. She only landed there because things moved so fast the bed didn't get broken down, and the doctor had to pause to unwrap the cord from the baby's neck.
The doctor almost didn't get to the room in time, barely got her hands into gloves and had to change clothes when she was done. It was a war zone for a few minutes. We were the talk of the maternity unit, and the OB's office.

My hips are still bothering me, and I think I broke my tailbone again. I need to go see a chiropractor for a realignment. It's been a busy week, and looking busier as time goes forward.

Her name means "peace-maker", she has a lot of hair, very functional lungs and a huge appetite.
For the sake of the blog...I might keep her name as Thumper, or change it to something like Torpedo. Heck, I might even go with Nascar for her - she goes from zero to sixty in no time flat.

And in other news....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAST! Sorry, I didn't get you much for your birthday but I did get you a little sister ;) Yea, I know...I suck at this mom thing apparently.


Jackie said...

We need a picture!

Welcome to the world Thumper!

Jocelyn said...

You named her Colt? LOL

Been lurking thru your preggos, congrats on being not pregnant anymore!

Sunny Yukon said...

Congrats to you and the family! Welcome Thumper! Or maybe Jackrabbit? Janerabbit?


Mrs. A. said...

Congratulations to you and Miss Peace-maker!!! Did I read correctly--you have two children born on the same day? Bless your heart, I didn't realize you'd gone this far past the original due date. Glad the birthing part is done! And now begins the fun!

God bless and keep you both!

Love and hugs,


Feisty Irish Wench said...

Thanks girls ;)

Jackie, I'll get to the yarn shop with her soon.

Jocelyn, no her name is not Colt lol., google the name btw...NOT my child lol

Mrs. A - Her bday is the 28th, a week and a half before the brother's bday.